Goleadoras to the UN Global Goals World Cup 2019

2018_09_25_GGW_NYC_280 2(small).jpg

We won the cup last year, and this year we want to make it happen again.


We are Goleadoras! We are a team of girls from New York and we play #soccer

Join us for the United Nations Global Goals World Cup 2019 in New York City this September 25th.

Goleadoras works as a role model program to teach little girls leadership, teamwork, self-confidence and the importance of SDG5 #GenderEquality through the magic of soccer, using experiences passed onto the new generation of girls. In preparation to compete, we must pledge to one of the SDGs, engage with the audience, practice in the field, and prepare an original team style inspired by the goal.

This campaign will help us raise the funds necessary to introduce girls to the world of #Goleadoras. We are bringing our little sisters with us to the final tournament and we need your help. For this day we’ll need transportation, refreshments, and uniforms for the girls, also we’re including our favorite Harlem dancing squad! And you can help us to get there by donating now.

$20 pays refreshment for 1 girl
$50 pays transportation for 1 girl
$75 pays for the uniform of 1 girl

$300 Sponsor full package including extra activities, soccer practice previous the cup and Goleadoras Giftbag for 1 girl


Do you believe in us? Do you believe in Empowering Girls? Joins us in this journey and Together we change the game! #GirlsWithBalls ⚽️