Goleadoras, girls soccer for change.

“Together we change the game”.

 Those are the exact words from our biggest supporter, Ricky Martin. He's referring to one of the most famous sports in the world, soccer and the change we seek to achieve is Equality.  Our goal at Goleadoras is to level the playing field and to promote social change and female empowerment.  

We had a great launch in 2018 - our funding Goleadoras team from Queens, NY went on to win the UN Global Goals Cup. Video  We are incredibly proud of our team and energized by the positive feedback and impact we have had thus far.

We want to build on this momentum and expand Goleadoras to all five boroughs in NY. We need your help and support to spark this expansion!  Your contribution will help us launch and seed the growth of Goleadoras.  

We are here to change the game and we want you to join our movement.