Goleadoras 2018

All of this has been possible thanks to the support, love and work of the most incredible people. Our board of directors Carmen Busquets, Mireya Cisneros and Julie Green. Our Ambassador and supporter Ricky Martin. The team at Saatchi & Saatchi NYC Andrea Diquez, Brian Horwitz, Sarah Mannion.

The United Nations for giving us the platform to create real change for better future. Kerry Bannigan, Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Elizabeth Nyamayaro.

To our dear volunteers, Dominique Lear, Elizabeth Schaeffer, Aicha Sharif, Ariana Stolarz, Jennifer Moyham, Ruddy Weissenberg, Vanessa Arelle, Paula Becerra de Melo, Michele Levy, Ugo Colombo, Francisco Costa, Laura Santos, Elisa Estrada, Nieves Puppio, Jaime Guttman, Kat de la Flor, José Gonzalez, José de la rosa, Liz Gray, Princess Marthä Louise, Juan Mata, Pepo Ferradas, Franco Noriega, Milan Kelez.

The fantastic team at GraFX Studios, Cagan. Thank you!

Our programmer Manu Reyna.

Our Goleadoras Coach Gina Llerena and all the #GirlsWithBalls first Team.

Thank You ALL. Its been AMAZING.