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The Global Goals World Cup 2019

The GGWCUP 2019 was incredible, we are on the right track to a more emphatic, happy and better world for everyone to win!

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Sports Diplomacy: A Cafecito on Cuba and Venezuela.

Last Thursday I was invited as a speaker on YPA’s Sports Diplomacy and empowerment event. A Cafecito on Cuba and Venezuela.

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Rockefeller Foundation at Bellagio.

Los milagros ocurren. Cambiemos el mundo. Podemos hacerlo solos, pero lo que podemos hacer juntos supera eso por el ancho del cielo.

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Goleadoras at

Want to help us continue to leverage the power of soccer to transform the self-confidence, sense of solidarity, ambition, perseverance, and well-being of girls and their trainers in NY and beyond? Bid today on our auction, and you could win some amazing experiences in fashion, business, and sports.

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