GirlUp Summit.


I am still blown away by the energy and emotion of being part of the 7th Annual Summit of Girl Up

More than 400 girls, that with every story, every through, every disappointment and through every heartache have become change makers, they have become stronger role models for girls everywhere.

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To have a safe space and a community to express themselves, speak out, be heard, learn, and activate the teamwork for the most important and crucial problem in our days. It's so important to understand and build that sisterhood and support. To avoid the terrible tendency of putting others down to succeed. I say F that! Together we are changing the game. Every day remember your goals, celebrate the small victories and soon you will see how they have made a big difference.

Being a girl going through adolescence, womanhood, motherhood, the corporate world, it's all very stressful with little room for mistakes and limited opportunities. We know that this must change, and it's changing more an more every day. Stop compromising in order to fit in this narrow and limited world, embrace your differences and what makes you unique. Let it make you stronger and bring it to the field.

Looking forward to a more solid collaboration between @Goleadoras and GirlUp.

Be you, be proud, no one can tell your story better than yourself. Never underestimate the power of a girl. #GirlsWithBalls

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