teşekkür ederim. Eglantina Zingg, VOGUE Turkey

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During my participation at CIACIF Game Changers Panel, I had the chance to chat with the lovely team of Vogue Turkey. I love this interview, go ahead and check it for yourself.

So honored to be called a Superhero!


September 2018

Can you expect a model, actress and TV show host to change the world? Zingg’s answer is clear: “Why not? We are the writer, director and actress of our own lives.” 

She got into modeling at an early age and made her dreams come true, she was on the cover of fashion magazines, walked on the runways at Fashion Weeks, hosted Project Runway Latin America. The girl sitting across me speaks 5 languages and travelled to 40 cities. With her own initiative, Proyecto Paz, she empowers young women and help them get integrated to society. She is about to take over the continent of America due to the way she influences people. She can open a branch here in Turkey any second because of her efforts. She influences everyone she speaks with in Turkey, including me.

This year we are at Sofa Hotel for CIF Dialogues conference organized within the scope of Contemporary Istanbul with Sensibilities as its main theme. Zingg is a speaker at the Game-Changers panel which is the last panel of the day. The second she gets on stage she grabs the microphone and asks everyone to stand up. With a sincerity that’ll steal hearts she starts by saying “I know you’re tired, now lets take a deep breath and get rid of the weariness of the day” and starts shaking her body. With her energy, determination and courage she is a real life superhero. She is persistent in loving her life and being happy regardless of the injustices she faces due to her career.

She was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Her passions developed in Amazons where she spent her childhood days. “Being one with the nature made me decide on priorities in life. It developed my curiosity, empathy towards people and the respect I have for nature.” Goleadoras was her first entrepreneurial attempt which grew over time and evolved into Proyecto Paz institution. For the past 10 years, the organization empowers young women and stop sexism through soccer and helps every region in Latin America that is under risk and unprotected.

She says she is in love with soccer and continues “because soccer is popular all around the world like a common language that does not abide by cultural obstacles. Technically speaking it’s a sport where taking initiative is crucial.  Managing the ball requires control, running for 90 minutes requires condition and the score requires persistence and patience. On the other hand strategy and team work create the foundation of the game. Just like our lives, if you cannot cooperate it is impossible for you to succeed. This is how young women learn to think independently but also to fit in the society.”

Zingg made friendships and many supporters over time. Besides UNICEF and UN private sector firms from Mexico, Venezuela and Haiti has her back. “We were able to change many children's lives thanks to close cooperations.” she proudly says. When I ask her biggest accomplishment “This isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon” she replies. “Instead of a single success story what makes me proud is looking back on all we have accomplished and the small successes that come together which creates change in children’s lives. 

For Zingg, skepticism is a contagious diseases that sabotages people’s potentials. “For change first you need to shut yourself out and strengthen your inner peace and confidence to all the negative comments and skeptical people” she advises. “When I started I came across questions that helped my emotional evolution. Instead of asking myself 'why' I asked 'why not’ and try to stay positive regardless of the hardships I have faced. I proved myself over and over again that nothing is impossible as long as I believe in it.”

If you want to initiate change around the world you need to listen to Zingg’s words: “Do not identify with how people label you. Do not be afraid of being extraordinary and never limit yourself. Start by determining your attitude towards the work your do and devote yourself to the change you want to see in the world. It’s our responsibility to upskill our society with the talents that were given to us. Actually, this is the greatest joy in the world."